Speaker Bio – Interventions in Mental Health 8th/9th November

Rose Warne : RMN, BSc, PGCE, MSc

Rose Warne is a Consultant Nurse for mental health in-patient services working in Berkshire Mental Health Care Trust in the UK. Rose first qualified as a registered mental health nurse in 1983 and has a broad range of experience from in-patient, community, crisis care and liaison psychiatry. Rose has a masters in Higher Professional Education and has worked as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University and teaches both under and post graduate level mental health.

Rose has a BSc in psycho-social interventions (PSI) for people with psychosis and has developed her skills and practice particularly around the support of carers and families and service user involvement. She is currently involved in a pilot project introducing peer mentor groups onto inpatient wards.  Rose has specialised in the assessment and management of risk and has developed resources to help staff wProfile pic - RWith the safety planning process both in liaison psychiatry and more recently on in-patient wards. She has a particular interest in self harm and working with staff in caring compassionately for service users with the diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder.

She has contributed to chapters in the Oxford Textbook of In-patient Care the main one being on the therapeutic use of nursing observations.

Rose Warne will be delivering a presentation on Psycho-social Interventions (PSI).

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