Speaker Bio (5) – Interventions in Mental Health 8th/9th November

Presentation Title – Insight: Early Intervention in Psychosis Service.

Speaker – Darren Lloyd, Clinical Team Manager

Mr Darren Lloyd qualified as registered mental health nurse in 1997.

In the past 25 years he worked in a number of psychiatric settings and in different parts of England.

He started his career in in-patient settings, in Oxford, U.K., working in a rehabilitation unit, then on a Psychiatric Intensive Unit.Darren Loyd

Since 2004 he worked in a variety of community mental health settings, firstly in a Community Mental Health Team in Oxford, then moving to work in the Early Intervention Service in Birmingham.

He also worked as a community psychiatric nurse in Coventry CMHT, then working in the Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service, within the Magistrates and Crown Court. Since 2015, he worked as a Community Psychiatric Nurse and a Clinical Team Manager in Plymouth, U.K.

He is now the manager of the Early Intervention Service in Plymouth, U.K.

The tenets of Early Intervention in Psychosis; Psycho-Social Education, the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the optimum use of medications and the involvement of families, are the guiding principles for the care he provided over the past two and half decades and advocates how this should be a major part of how clinicians, approach mental health nursing in the years ahead.

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