Speaker Bio (4) – Interventions in Mental Health 8th/9th November

Presentation Title: Mental State & Risk Assessment

Speaker: Caroline Attard

Caroline Attard is currently the Director of Quality Improvement  working in Berkshire Health Foundation Trust in the UK.  Her career and expertise spans over 20 years working in her native country Malta and in the United Kingdom. She specialises in in-patient mental health nursing and Quality Improvement.  She has worked as an in-patient mental health Nurse Consultant which consisted of education, clinical leadership, research and service improvement. Caroline has taught on under and post graduate level mental health nursing programmes at various universities. She has also developed and facilitated various in-house training programmes on a variety of subjects, including suicide prevention, risk training and psycho social interventions.  She has developed a preceptorship programme for newly qualified mental health nurses which focuses on resilience and uses methods such as action learning sets and quality improvement methodology

Caroline has a passCaroline Attardion for working with carers and facilitates family work in her own Trust. She is involved in several research projects, from using sports with people who have severe and enduring mental health problems to CBT and sleep in in-patient mental health wards. Her expertise in service development has been utilised successfully in various areas on inpatient mental health wards and her adoption of quality improvement methodology has resulted in improvements in a variety of areas, including improving absence without leave from hospital, improving medication management, increasing post intervention reviews following rapid tranquilisation and improving monitoring of post rapid tranquilisation. Caroline is now leading a Quality Improvement programme across the whole organisation to implement a complete strategic transformational change for her trust. Her Quality Improvement achievements and support projects portfolio include more than 100 projects and span across the whole organisation. One of her most recent projects includes developing a care pathway for people with Emotional unstable personality disorder, whilst others include reducing falls, reducing violent and aggression, reducing self-harm and reducing the use of prone restraint.

Caroline has also contributed to several Research studies in the last few years and publications of both journals and books. Caroline is also the main editor of an International new book focusing on In-patient mental health in collaboration with Oxford University press which will be published in 2018.

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