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4th HORATIO European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing – 11/05-14/05, 2017- MALTA



HORATIO, European Psychiatric Nurses in collaboration with the Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) are pleased to announce that the 4th European Festival for Psychiatric Nursing will be held between Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th of May 2017. The event will be held at the newly refurbished Dolmen Hotel.

This edition’s theme will be “Working in Partnership” as we are aiming to have an event in which all professionals working in the Mental Health field will be able to contribute. As in previous editions the Festival will incorporate an array of arts, culture, music and typical Maltese hospitality.

While more information will be uploaded soon together with a newly designed HORATIO website, the 1st call for abstracts has been launched. The forms can be downloaded directly by clicking on the below links.

Early bird registration will also be available in the coming days.

Contact us on should you need further information. In the meantime, mark your diaries and spread the word!!!

Abstract Submission HORATIO Festival 2017 (Word)

Abstract Submission HORATIO Festival 2017 (PDF)

Message from newly elected MAPN President

During this year’s MAPN conference, several mental health professionals presented research done by themselves.  It was remarkable how much research was conducted on this island, but it was also remarkable how many dedicated professionals there are in the mental health field!

Doing research is not easy. It can be laborious and daunting. However research can provide interesting and valuable knowledge to our profession. It shows dedication, and it can help us think and reflect on what we are doing, what we need to change or improve and what is working or not.

Psychiatric nursing is not your run of the mill job. It requires dedication, commitment and a particular interest in helping people whom others will run away from. And this is not easy. But it could be that sometimes we forget this.

As a psychiatric nurse who has been in the field for the last 18 years, I have seen the psychiatric mental health nursing profession in Malta emerging, flourishing and thriving. MAPN was an important milestone in this journey.  MAPN provided a structure to mental health nursing, a community that nurses could affiliate with, it provided an identity to the profession and served as a platform for training, networking and professional development.

However, there is still more to be done. There is still a lot of negativity surrounding mental health which is leaving its toll on mental health nursing and yes, there are challenges and difficulties which are still holding us back. But I believe that each and every one of us can help to improve our profession. Nurses need to be empowered and focus on how they can effect and instil change on an individual basis, with patients in their day to day work, in management and in education. Nurses need to acknowledge and appreciate the work that they do, for their esteem, for the improvement of the profession and for the good of the patients.

Whether through reassuring a patient who has just been admitted to hospital, educating patients about their medication, liaising with management to improve standards of care, teaching students about evidence based practice or discussing risk assessment with a colleague, we are improving the values of our profession. And this is important. Our profession is a significant part of our life. We dedicated time, energy, commitment and sometimes sacrificed our personal life to it. It is part of our identity…and it is something we should be proud of.

I would like to conclude by thanking the previous council members, namely Mr. Kevin Gafa as the previous president and Mr. Antonio Magro who has been part of MAPN since its inception, for their work and contribution in the last 10 years. I would also like to introduce the recently elected council who are committed to continue on the good work of the last decade.  We look forward to work with you and will be very pleased to hear your comments, suggestions and any issues you feel are important for the psychiatric mental health nursing in Malta.

Pierre Galea

MAPN council 2016

Message from Outgoing MAPN President

I personally find it truly hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since the Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses was launched and that yesterday marked the last day for me as President of the association. Throughout the years we’ve kept ourselves extremely busy, which probably explains why ten years seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. It takes a collective effort to make an association like ours function efficiently, and I think it is only fair that special thanks go out to all the council members who throughout the years served on the MAPN board. I will not mention anyone in particular for the simple reason that everyone gave his/her utmost and is therefore deserving of praise.

The past ten years were only possible because the council members and general members believed in MAPNs’ cause and chose to be part of an association which safeguards their profession and promotes mental health. I hope that everyone keeps seeing the value in having such an association. It is evident that the MAPN has managed to achieve its original goal during the first ten years of its existence – that of becoming an important stakeholder in the local Mental Health field. Nowadays Malta is being referred to as one of the European countries with the fastest growth in terms of qualified psychiatric mental health nurses. While this situation cannot be entirely attributed to the MAPN, we believe that our part was pivotal in achieving this milestone.

I would like to take this opportinity to thank all members of the MAPN for allowing me to serve as president over the past ten years. It has been an honour, a joy, and an experience that I will forever cherish. I have met many dedicated colleagues and forged long lasting friendships. I sincerely wish the best of luck to the new council particularly to Pierre Galea as newly elected President, Alexei Sammut (Vice President), Mark Vassallo (Secretary), Roberto Galea (Treasurer), Bernice Gauci (Vice Secretary), Sarah Ebejer (PRO), Julie Stevenson (International Advisor), Maria Sapiano & Damian Gouder (General Committee Members). I look forward to seeing the MAPN growing even further and achieve more in the coming years.

Love & Respect

Kevin Gafa’

New MAPN Logo Launched

11th May 2016 marks the 10 year anniversary since the launching of the Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses. During a conference organised by the MAPN on May 2nd & 3rd a new Logo was launched. The new logo symbolises the evaluation of the association throughout the 10 years of its existence. The logo was selected by a good number of submissions following the logo competition and was designed by Mr. Conrad Bondin.

New MAPN Logo

Join the MAPN

The Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) is a registered VO, independently regulated by its own statute and its own elected council. It was founded on the 11th of May 2006 in order to improve and recognize the roles & standards of Psychiatric Nursing in Malta, reinforce nurse leadership in mental health and actively participate in mental health promotion among the Maltese population.

At the outset, the MAPN council chose to focus on 3 concepts: awareness, education, and recognition. Such concepts guide the activities of the same association and are embedded within its statute. The MAPN took several steps to increase the profile of psychiatric nursing locally. This involves a wide array of activities, from voluntary (mental) health promotional activities to involvement in professional and educational events. Over the years the MAPN has also been vigilant regarding the appropriate coverage of mental health issues and events on the local media and their impact on stigma. MAPN also sees this as part of its educational role. The educational role of MAPN also involves organizing conferences, congresses & continuing education opportunities for health and social professionals. In terms of recognition, the MAPN represents the special interest of psychiatric nurses among the stakeholders involved in the mental health field, also teaming up with other similar national / EU / international organizations in achieving this aim.

The MAPN was a founder member of the European Psychiatric Nursing Association (HORATIO). Horatio: European Psychiatric Nurses, based in the Netherlands, represents approx. 350,00 nurses in Europe who work with people suffering mental health challenges, and acts as EU Commission advisor in this field (

Every Nurse or Student Nurse who has a special interest in Mental Health can join the MAPN.

Membership is €13  per year for qualified nurses and €5 for full time students.

You can become a member (or renew) by filling the MAPN Membership Form and send a cheque payable to MAPN to the address: ‘Le Soleil Flat 1, Imriekeb Street, Marsaskala MSK3535′ or by direct transfer to BOV account number 40015570239 (If you choose the bank transfer option please send your membership details via e-mail).

If you are employed within the Maltese Mental Health Services and would like to pay your membership via monthly direct debit please contact us on


Hearing Voices Malta Launched


August 7th 20015 marked the launching of  Hearing Voices Malta. The aim is to get people together so that they can explore different perspectives and ways of living with hearing voices. We know that for some people, the voices/ unusual experiences may be positive whilst for others, these may be distressing…both types are welcome in the group. The act of sharing these experiences in a safe environment can help us to learn from each other and support each other in living a satisfactory life (whatever that means for each and every one of us). This is not a type of psychiatric treatment or therapy.

Further information can be obtained from the official website:

I Chose Mental Health Nursing



The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mental Health Nursing has been developed to meet the needs of an increasing population of people with mental health problems.

This degree course consists of a mix of psychology and nursing. The three-year full-time programme covers a wide variety of subjects designed to provide the student with skills and knowledge that serves as a personal toolkit in practice.

Over the years, course graduates have enjoyed a range of interesting employment opportunities within hospital settings, community services, forensic entities and health management systems. Moreover, these professionals are proving to be influential in management, policy making and the development of innovative psychiatric services.

Applicants must satisfy the General Entry Requirements for admission, namely, the Matriculation Certificate, an Advanced Level pass in Biology and SEC passes at grade 5 or better in Maltese, English Language and Mathematics. Persons over 23 years may apply under the “maturity clause”.

Applications are open until 23rd July 2015. Late applications shall be received until 31st August 2015 against a fee.

For an appointment, kindly contact:  or  phone 2340 1158

Or visit the course description at:

Update 10/06/2015: Applications for the part-time and full-time degree in Mental Health Nursing are now available and can be submitted through: