Speaker Bio (6) – Interventions in Mental Health 8th/9th November

Presentation Title – The Influence of Patient Centered Care on Nurse Therapy

Speaker – Martin Ward, Visiting Senior lecturer, University of Malta


Martin first came to work in Malta in 2003 as a consultant jointly to the Health Department and the University to set up and deliver degree programmes in psychiatric/mental health nursing. In 2015 this became the multi-disciplinary Department of Mental Health, with a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and he was appointed HMartin Wardead of Department. After a long career in nurse education in the UK Martin was also the Director of Mental Health Nursing at the National Institute for Nursing, Oxford, the Director of Mental Health for the Royal College of Nursing and Chair of the European Expert Panel of Psychiatric Nursing. He was the founder of the NPNR (Network for Psychiatric Nursing research) as well as joint founder of the UK Health Advisory Service (later taken over by NICE). He has published over 100 papers and seven books speaking at conferences worldwide. He retired from full-time academia at the University of Malta in September 2015 whilst President of Horatio: European Psychiatric Nurses. He still lectures at the university part-time and is currently an advisor to the government of the Czech Republic for their mental health reforms and undertaking mental health coaching work with several companies in Malta. Martin’s special interests include practice development and international collaboration. He is currently working on a biography of Professor Shirley Smoyak of Rutgers University, a famous USA psychiatric nurse, with whom he is great friends.

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