End of year message

As the end of the year is approaching, I tick another successful year in the MAPN’s diary. The w20182019ork of the association continues to grow amongst the events and changes which are happening in mental health in Malta. Challenges in mental health care are never scarce, but MAPN continues to adjust its sails to meet these challenges head on. The aim of the association is to promote empower and safeguard the psychiatric nursing profession. This is achieved by monitoring and observing the mental health situation in Malta, organizing events and conferences, being affiliated with other organizations that promote mental health care and the improvement of the mental health services. This year the MAPN organized the Interventions in Mental Health conference, which was well attended and everyone who attended can vouch that it was a success. It involved an interesting array of speakers from the U.K. and Malta, a mixture of local and foreign talent with the focus on skills practiced in our work, including medication management, psychosocial interventions, risk assessment, cognitive behavioural therapy, art based therapies, early intervention in psychosis and the “Hearing Voices” approach.

The MAPN would like to congratulate Dr Alexei Sammut, Vice President of MAPN, who has been nominated and elected as a board representative in the Horatio European Association of Psychiatric Nurses. The board this year has met in Belgium and is planning to organize the Horatio Festival in Copenhagen in 2019.

During this month, the MAPN was also involved in the Universal Health and Mental Health Coverage for all congress which was organized in Malta on December 12th, its aim being Connecting People and Sharing Perspectives. During this congress the Malta Declaration was launched. Further details can be found at: https://uhmhcongress2018.net/index.html

Finally, this year, Malta is committed in the launching of the Mental Health Strategy, where the government has outlined his vision for mental health for the next 10 years. This is an exciting opening in mental health care in Malta, and focus on an area which historically never received the attention it required. The MAPN have given its contribution to this strategy, and is now looking forward to be part of the initiatives which are meant to strengthen the mental health sector in this country. Mental health is something which can affect all of us, and there are colleagues who experienced themselves the burden of mental illness. We owe them the best services they can get, and the nursing profession continues to strive to provide optimum mental health care to people experiencing mental ill health and support any initiative to strengthen the mental health services.

For next year, the MAPN will continue to promote the mental health nursing profession, with focus on motivation, empowerment and training. We look forward to continue working with you and on behalf of the MAPN council, we would like to wish you a nice festive season and a prosperous new year.


Pierre Galea

MAPN President

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