Speaker Bio (7) – Interventions in Mental Health 8th/9th November

Presentation Title – Art Based Interventions in Mental Health

Speaker – Amy Bonnici – Mental Health Nurse

Amy has been working as a Registered Mental Nurse within local inpatient psychiatric services for the past year, and is currently reading for a Masters Degree in Mental Health Nursing. Over the years she has also worked as a children’s art teaAmy Borgcher and creativity instructor for adults during fortnightly events called Creative Evenings, of which she is a co-founder. This love for art inspired her undergraduate dissertation titled Managing PTSD: Expressive Arts Therapies VS Talking Therapies, which explored the use of art, dance, music, and drama in managing trauma as opposed to traditional talking therapies. The presence of evidence based research backing artistic interventions in psychiatry motivated her to introduce art based sessions at the acute admission ward where she currently works. Amy hopes to continue making a positive impact in patients’ lives through both her psychiatric training and artistic abilities.

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