7th Key Note Speaker Announced – 4th Horatio European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing “Working in Partnership” – Malta – 11th – 14th May, 2017

The organisational committee of the HORATIO Festival is pleased to announce the final key note speaker, Ms. Dolores Gauci from Malta.

Dolores Gauci is currently working at the Ministry for Education and Employment leading the Education for All Team responsible for helping schools develop processes that lead to high quality education for all. She Dolores Gauci Pichas been instrumental in the development of a number of policies falling under the Respect for All Framework, which Framework is value based and aimed at helping improve the quality of education for all learners. Inclusion of all is at the heart of the Education for All development process.    She is a Trustee of Richmond Foundation and she is on the Executive Committee of GAMIAN-Europe.  Ms Gauci is a visiting lecturer at the​ Faculty for​Social Wellbeing, University of Malta.​

Ms Gauci holds an M.Sc in Health Services Management and is a Social Worker by profession having specialised in mental health.  She was a founder member and the first Chairperson of the Maltese Association of Social Workers.

After working within the State Mental Health Services for a number of years were she was pivotal in the setting up of a number of services related to rehabilitation primarily mental health as well as substance abuse,  she moved on to develop Richmond Foundation, as its Chief Executive Officer, into the leading Maltese Non-Governmental Organisation, providing community mental health services for adults and children spanning from Rehabilitation to supported employment, to supportive housing to home support services. In 2013 Ms Gauci was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Mental Health Services.  Ms Gauci sat on a number of Commissions and Boards related to Social Work, Mental Health and Education.   On the European arena, Ms Gauci was on the Board of the Global Alliance for Mental Illness Advocacy Networks – Europe, a patient organisation, since 2000.  She was its President for 6 years.  During that time she was instrumental in facilitating the setting up of the Interest Group for Mental Health within the European Parliament, where she has presented on a number of occasions and where she has facilitated panel discussions.  During her presidency Ms Gauci was also the Secretary General of the European Brain Council, co-chaired the Expert Platform on Mental Health focus on Depression and was a Board member of the Lundbeck Institute.  Ms Gauci presented at a numerous con​f​erences and meetings both nationally and internationally.

Ms Gauci has been and continues to be a strong advocate in the field of mental health.

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