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MAPN Membership Campaign 2017

As you might know the Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) is 10 become-a-member-mapnyears old! Throughout the years the MAPN has established itself as one of the main stakeholders in local Mental Health; at European level, the MAPN is co-founder of the European Psychiatric Nurses Association (HORATIO) and has been recognized as an important contributor in the movement for improved recognition for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses. In fact for the 3rd time, the MAPN will be hosting the European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing which will be held at the Dolmen Hotel between Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th May 2017.

Throughout the last months the newly elected MAPN council has been discussing various aspects of MAPN membership. A very important development will be that any health or social professional who would like to join the MAPN can do so by becoming an associate member.  There will also be a slight increase in the standard and students yearly fee. This minor increase should reflect and contribute towards the increased expenses that our growing association is facing. We tried to keep this increase as minimal as possible; hence the increase is just €2 per year. Members will also have the option to pay a 10 year or a lifetime MAPN membership. The revised fees as agreed by the MAPN council are the following:

Type of membership:

Standard                                 €15

Associate                                €20

Student                                   €10

10 Year membership         €140

Lifetime membership         €300

Those members who will opt to pay their membership via the direct payment from MCH wage will no longer have €1 (one euro) deducted from their wage throughout the year, instead €7.50 (seven euro fifty) every 6 months will be deducted. Members who have this option already in place will be asked to sign a declaration saying that they agree with this slight increase in annual fee and subsequently the salaries section will be notified. Upon renewing the membership you will receive a membership card, plus a 16gb USB pen drive with MAPN logo as a gift. This system will allow us to have all memberships renewed every January. In the coming weeks MAPN council members will be starting an exercise to collect signatures and members will also be asked to review their contact details in order to have an improved members’ database.

By becoming a member you will be helping the association to keep with the growing momentum and ascertain us as the voice for Maltese Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurses. Also, by becoming a member you will benefit from various discounts in events organized by the MAPN together with promotions, newsletters and any other material in connection with the MAPN.

Should you have any questions please do contact us