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Elderly Mental Health

Mr. Christian Borg Xuereb: Living in a State Residential Home: A phenomenological exploration.

Ms. Jane Schembri, Mr. Neville Schembri, Ms. Miriama Eyre:  Improving communication and the quality of life of people with Dementia within the special unit at Villa Messina.

Dr. Assumpta Ryan: Dementia: the experience of family caregivers. (Not Available)

Ms. Antonia Attard: Dementia Care Training: For Care homes and Care in the acute hospital.

Ms. Theresa Saliba : Attitudes of health care professionals concerning the spirituality of patients suffering from dementia.

Ms.Charmaine Attard: Preserving the dignity of elderly in care suffering from dementia. (Not Available)

Dr. John Mifsud: Suicide in the Elderly.

Dr. Jean Pierre Giorgio: Learning Disability in the Elderly.

Ms. Mary Vella: Challenging behaviour in the elderly.

Mr. Brendan McCormack: Enabling human flourishing in mental health services for older people: the challenge of personhood. (Not Available)

Ms. Maria Navarro: Communication with the elderly. (Not Available)

Dr. Charles Scerri: Dementia in Malta: Current and Future Trends.